Truv Bridge Redesign

Truv Bridge is a flagship product, helping people verify income and switch direct deposit instantly.

Senior Product Designer

Interface design
Experience design

2 Product Designers

5 weeks


Over the years, Truv Bridge got legacy and not consistent interactions, falling behind competitors and fintech industry. Along the way, interface wasn't providing the smooth experience for users in different areas of product.


At Truv, key mantra is research, then exploit. So we have started by collecting the feedback from Truv clients, users, and team. After scoping the project, we have started to research best in industry solutions and iterate to perfection.


The first user interaction with Truv starts with search page, where user asked to find their income source. The search bar got more focus, income type tabs were simplified, the list items were increased in size for easier tapping, and the bottom section was removed due to lack of taps based on data


The main page, where users sign in to their providers. There were several issues with previous design including lack of focus on username and password fields, button has not consistent placement and hard to reach with a finger, various styles of icons, long privacy policy disclaimer, and cluttered elements.